This will be the final edition of our “EXTRA” Newsletter. We want to give many kudos to Kathy Mowry for all the work she has put into the extra news and trying to keep everyone current on what is happening at the Bremen Area Historical Society and its Museum.

We do want to announce our ANNUAL MEETING that is scheduled on Saturday, November 14th time TBA. Since we are still under the COVID-19 restrictions, our meeting will be open through social media (either through Facebook, Zoom, or conference calling). We will let you know for sure in the next edition of Rushcreek’s Derrick News which will be out by the first of  November. If you want to attend in person, there will be spaced seating and facemasks will be worn.

We have a new face at the museum. Cinda Thomas has volunteered to come and be a part of what is happening. We gladly welcome her time, energy, and willingness to learn all the ins and outs.

We have done some cleaning out in the barn. We have had some wiring done, thanks to Jim Baker. He has removed some antique wiring that was still hot and installed new light fixtures and outlets for us. Derrick Fisher volunteered a Saturday to help with the sorting and stacking of trash items that needed to be disposed of and we appreciated the “muscle” he put into the project.

Thank you for your support.
If you want to be more involved as a Board member, or a volunteer, please get in touch with us.