Board Meeting – June 4, 2020
The meeting was held with 6 members present in person and 2 members present by conference call. (The April & May board meetings were cancelled due to Covid-19.) The Board reluctantly accepted the resignations of Liz Baker, Museum Chair & Newsletter Editor, effective 12-31-20 and Vice President Mike Henwood effective immediately. Both will be missed.

The Board is considering amending our current By-Laws to create a “Lifetime Membership” category. If you have any thoughts about the criteria for such a membership please share them with us. We hope to have the process concluded by 2021.
The BAHS has purchased 18 rolls of microfilm from the Ohio History Connection. The microfilm contains
images of The Bremen Derrick newspapers from 1911-1977.

The BAHS had the actual papers but due to age the pages were turning brown and brittle. Touching the paper(s) made them crumble.

The BAHS sent the 18 rolls of microfilm to Graphic Services in Michigan to have them digitized. The digitized documents were returned to the BAHS on a memory stick. The papers can be searched by dates, topics, names etc. Information contained in the newspapers can be printed too!
The total cost was $ 2,823.76.
While the building (including the museum) is closed to the public the museum committee plans to continue
working on the barn.

The committee has inventoried all the items currently stored in the barn. Items not owned by the BAHS and items the BAHS no longer needs will be removed.

Insulation will be installed on the walls surrounding the north half of the barn as well as in the ceiling, which will improve the conditions for storage of items that are too large to store in the museum area.

Sealing and striping of the parking lot should be completed soon
group of people looking at historical documents
Sharing Family History
Nancy Bachman Turner of Columbus, Ohio, recently donated items left in her care by her grandmother, Leefe (Purvis) Turner.

Nancy writes:
“These books and papers date from the early 1800’s down…The personal letters are a history in themselves. The receipt books tell much about the buying and selling, monies spent etc.

The books were all owned by the Clemens, Purvis & Turner families.

My grandmother, Leefe Elizabeth Purvis Turner, wanted these kept – no other better place but back “home” in Bremen. I am sure she would be
very pleased.”

Included in the memorabilia is the original Diary of Charity Hodge. The diary was written during the years 1876-78 when Charity was in her thirties. At that time Charity resided on the James and Elizabeth Clemens Purvis farm outside of Bremen. Nancy Bachman is the great-great granddaughter of James & Elizabeth.

In 1994 the BAHS compiled a book containing excerpts from Charity’s diary for a fundraiser. There are still books available.

Contact the BAHS to purchase one.
Save the Date & Watch for Details!
November 14, 2020 (Saturday):
Annual Meeting & Founder’s Day
2020 Membership Newsletters
The next quarterly newsletter will
be published in AUGUST. Newsletters
are mailed to members of the BAHS.
They are not published on the website.