As of November 2019......
We have reached & exceeded our goal of $ 5,000.00.
We need new members to reach our goal of 200 new members in 2019.


The Bremen Area Historical Society has been given a wonderful opportunity for 2019. Anonymous donors have pledged a combined total of $
5,000.00 to create a “challenge fund”.   Money received from new membership dues or increases in membership dues in 2019 will be matched from the “challenge fund”.   The ultimate goal is to secure 200 new membersAND new or increased levels of contributions, made in the calendar year 2019, will also be matched from the challenge fund.

The Historical Society was organized in 1985. The current building was dedicated in 1998.  The museum wing was opened in 2010. And most recently, in 2017, the Mericle Pioneer Room was completed through the generous gifts of time and money of many of our members.

Perhaps the best news of all is that we are debt free! Through the generous support of its members and friends the BAHS was able to pay off the mortgage on the building in 2016! But the expense of maintaining our beautiful building is ongoing and requires the income generated by membership dues and contributions.

The Historical Society serves the Bremen area by preserving its history. That may be more important today than ever.  Rushcreek Memorial High School and the original Fairfield Union High School buildings have both been demolished. The BAHS has memorabilia from both buildings, including all of the Rushcreek Memorial High School class pictures from 1898 to 1962 and many Fairfield Union High School class pictures from 1963 to 2002!

Preserving family and community history and artifacts that represent the Bremen area and sharing them with current and future generations is the core of our mission.

As you can guess, operating the museum requires funding.   Our primary sources of income are membership dues and contributions. This is where we need you.

1.  Become a
new member.  Your dues payment will be matched dollar for dollar!
2.  If you currently have an “individual” membership, purchase a “FAMILY” membership.
     The additional $ 10.00 in dues will be matched from the Challenge Fund. 
3. Make a tax-deductible contribution in addition to your paying your membership dues. Contributions from new donors (those who have not made a gift since 2016) will be matched dollar for dollar. Other contributions will be matched by the amount that the contribution exceeds the donor’s largest annual contribution in 2017 & 2018.
3.  Encourage others to participate in this campaign by becoming a member and/or contributor.
Please complete the enclosed form and indicate how you wish to help us meet our $5,000 challenge.   We will keep you up to date throughout the year as to our progress.
Thank you in advance for your support!

Terry Borah, President 12/2018